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Wednesday July 24, 2013 (Cool wind, no mosquitoes, no snow flurries yet)

posted July 25, 2013

Sachs Harbour, NWT

Today we continued with our visits in the community. First stop was at Joey and Margaret Carpenter’s home. Joey’s father was Fred Carpenter who was one of the first to establish a permanent home here. He was also the first to open a store in Sachs Harbour in 1954. Margaret’s parents lived at Baillie Island and she was born there. Margaret’s mother was Cora Kemiksana, and her step-Dad was was Silas Palaiyak, who worked for the CAE scientists in 1915-1916. Cora told Margaret that Silas Palaiyak’s schooner “CORA” which we hope to visit and document next week, was named after her. This was something I had long suspected, and the personal confirmation today was one of those special little shared moments that make historical research so exciting. Tomorrow I will give Margaret photos of both Palaiyak and the CORA, which she has never seen.

Our next stop we thought was just to buy a local history book, but it turned out to be hidden treasure! Earlier this summer a young man from Sachs was hunting geese out at the Mary Sachs historic site. Right on the ATV travel route they use he found a large cross-cut saw which had just appeared on the sandy beach. It had already been run over by an ATV so he brought the saw home. Knowing our interest, he took us to see it and now wants us to find the proper home for this old CAE saw. We photographed it and captured the story. The saw would have been used to cut driftwood for use at the CAE camp for heat and cooking.

Update on the Bernard Explorer: The boat was held up by ice just west of Point Barrow Alaska for a couple of days, but they are now on the way and expected to arrive on Friday the 26th.