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Tuesday July 30, 2013

posted July 31, 2013

A beautiful day in Sachs Harbour! This morning Mack and I visited Elders Lena Wolki and Edith Haogak, sisters, daughters of Susie Tiktalik, who visited the Expedition camp with her parents in 1915 or 1916. She traveled all over the Island on foot with her family. Edith told us some stories of the local people who worked for the CAE when they were here. It was especially interesting because I knew these people from Expedition diaries. Then we went out to the Mary Sachs site again with John Lucas in his boat. The ice was beautiful in the bright sun, and scattered enough that we had no trouble getting there. We found a few more spikes from the Mary Sachs and searched the remaining areas on the beach below the main sites. On the way back we saw a young bearded seal and male King Eider ducks. After a great supper of whitefish and Arctic char, supplied by Roger Kuptana, our host, we went to a community meeting held by the Archaeologist team here from Western University. It was very useful to see the sites they are working on and to compare notes on what we are finding. To finish off the day we met at John Lucas Sr.’s house to make plans for the small boat trip up the west coast, if it happens that Captain Bob can’t make it here with the boat. We had a great time making plans B and C, and sharing our excitement in the possibilities. Both John and John Jr are just as excited as we are at the prospect! We will talk to Captain Bob in Alaska again tomorrow. Bob and Paul are immersed in the Alaskan drum-dancing culture at the Barter Island community dance tonight. Stayed tuned for the next adventure….