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Tuesday July 23, 2013

posted July 24, 2013

It is a sad day in Sachs Harbour today. A young woman who grew up here, and who died in BC recently, was buried in the Sachs Harbour cemetery up on top of the hill above our lodgings. We went to the funeral along with virtually everyone in the community. At the community supper afterwards we met many of the people from Sachs who know about us and our Expedition. They are so pleased that someone from the outside knows their background and is excited about their local history. Earlier today we met with the RCMP officers stationed here (both from Ottawa), the Mayor, Betty Haogak, and the Postmaster, Joey Carpenter, who also are delighted about our project, and shared many local history connections with us. Almost everyone in town is related to the CAE in some way or another. We met Alex Kudlak who is related to Stefansson on one side of his family, and to Billy Banksland (Natkusiak) on the other! The Mayor and her family used to camp at the Mary Sachs site we have been working on. It is a traditional site for hunting geese in the spring. So today was as rewarding in its own way as were the previous days, the new treasures being family stories of the people and their love of the land.

We think the mosquitoes are done! It is rainy and going down to -1 tonight with possible snow flurries tomorrow. Hurray!