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Saturday, July 20, 2013

posted July 21, 2013

DSCN5961An emotional day for David and Mitzi, just being at Mary Sachs Creek (see inReach map), base camp for the Northern party of the CAE, Captain Peter Bernard’s home for two years (Mitzi’s great, great uncle, who was lost trying to deliver mail at the north end of Banks Island).

Incredible erosion happening. David was there in 2009 and sketched a building foundation. A corner of that foundation is about to fall into the ocean. The drop from the land turf to the beach was about a metre in 2009, now it is about 3 metres because the beach under it has been washed away, as well as about a ½ m of turf.

Found a second major chunk of the Mary Sachs engine block, its tip just visible in the sand. Also found a wooden pulley block, probably used to pull the Mary Sachs up on the beach, or to raise sail. They are not allowed to remove anything. On the ground lots of bits of pottery, glass, and a brass nail, probably from the Mary Sachs. They also established where the Mary Sachs wheel house was by a couple of upright tongue and groove boards. It had been left as a house for trappers.

Saw one Arctic fox, three loons (yellow-billed?), three ringed seals.

10 degrees and wind from north. Some photos ruined because so many mosquitoes in front of lens.

Two new members on the expedition! Kyle Wolki, bear monitor, and John Lucas, guide; both men have family connections to the CAE.

Tomorrow they will go back to measure and map the site, about 30 km west of Sachs Harbour.