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Saturday August 3, 2013

posted August 3, 2013

Well, today Mack and I are off to head north with the John Lucas father and son team in their 18-foot aluminum outboards. We will have to do some sneaking around the ice floes, going between the ice and shore, just like Tom Manning did in 1951-52 when he circumnavigated Banks island in a freighter canoe in two summer seasons. The ice is supposed to be miles off shore, like in 2012 and 2011!

We hope to at least reach Terror island where CAE members established a cache in 1917. The island was named after Sir John Franklin’s ship, the Terror, (which was lost in 1847 or so), by Captain McClure who managed to get his ship up to the north end of Banks Island in 1851 (where it got trapped in the ice and eventually sank).

If the ice and wind cooperate we will go as far north as is practical and safe, and who knows, we may still reach the Gore Islands, our original goal. We are still hoping the ice will allow Bob and the Bernard Explorer to get through to Banks Island and meet us along the coast.

We will be sending inReach messages each day with a brief update on our progress and observations, so keep checking the CAE website.