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Sachs Harbour, NWT, Saturday July 27, 2013

posted July 28, 2013

The day started with a short interview with Roger Kuptana, who with his wife Jackie, runs the Polar Grizz Guesthouse where we are staying. Roger’s father, William, was a member of the CAE as a young boy. He was either “traded” or adopted to William and Annie Seymour, who were on the CAE ship, Polar Bear. William Seymour was from Australia, Annie from Alaska. Roger has travelled to the northwest corner of Banks Island where we are headed, but only in winter. It will be so exciting to get there!

The wind and waves had settled down enough that Mitzi, Kyle and I were able to go back out to the Mary Sachs site. It was a different place with all of the ice floes drifted in to the bay and along the shore. We made sure that Kyle was extra alert as polar bears can move in with the ice too. Today we used the metal detector to search along the beach where the historic site has eroded away. As we suspected, there was not much to find as the waves just carry anything small away. Just in the last 2 days, because of the waves, the beach has changed a lot and we never would have found that new old engine block today. We did find a few rusty bits of chain, stove parts and bolts in the sand below the mound where the Mary Sachs’s wheelhouse was placed.

It was cool in the wind, 0 degrees C, and a few snow flurries, but nice when the sun was out. I photographed each of the sites with Henry’s wonderful mini-camera at the end of a telescoping pole to give an overhead view.

Riding back in the boat was a joy with seals and ice floes keeping John alert at the wheel.