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Sachs Harbour, July 28, 2013

posted July 29, 2013

Well, our new crew member, Mack (Alex) MacDonald is finally here! The Aklak plane from Inuvik made it in by the skin of their teeth. The weather was getting worse by the minute, with fog and ceiling lowering. The plane made two passes, didn’t land and the word was he was going back to Inuvik. So everyone grabbed their bags, and re-loaded them back onto the truck. I put my video-camera away and was in the truck, when suddenly people started waving and yelling, and the plane appeared out of the fog on the runway! So Mack is here, Mitzi has gone home, and we are on to the next phase of the adventure. Now we need a good strong east wind to blow the ice back away from the west coast of Banks Island, and away from the mainland coast so Captain Bob and the Bernard Explorer can get through! On our afternoon excursion along the coast we saw King Eider ducks, more wolf tracks, some semi-fossil wood, and the old community ice house, dug down into the permafrost, a natural freezer.