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Sachs Harbour, Friday July 26, 2013

posted July 27, 2013

A foggy day in Sachs Harbour, with a strong west wind blowing ice in from the Beaufort Sea. There is more ice piling up on the shore all the way from here out to Cape Kellet, beyond Mary Sachs. Today was a mix of waiting, visiting and walking. Had a good visit with John and Samantha Lucas, John’s parents. Samantha’s grandmother was Violet Mamayuak, who was part of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, and traveled on the schooner Polar Bear to Victoria Island. She married Henry Gonzales, who became the ship’s captain, and seems to have been responsible for wrecking the Mary Sachs. He did not stay in the Arctic after the Expedition and she re-married.

We had hopes of the Aklak plane coming today, but the fog and uncertain weather led them (eventually) to postpone the flight until Sunday. So Mack has more time in Inuvik and Mitzi will miss her Mum’s 90th birthday party (which she organized!).

I walked out along the beach to the east, but didn’t see much. A few Glaucous Gulls, parts of muskox skulls, waves and many flowers still blooming in spite of the low temperatures and snow flurries.

Bob Bernard called this morning from the boat. They were just passing Herschel Island, Yukon, and making good progress. They were held up by ice near the US-Canada border, but the silver lining was that they were at Collinson Point, where the CAE over-wintered in 1913! They were able to visit and photograph the remnants of the CAE house there. So many good things on an un-planned day.