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Sachs Harbour, August 15, 2013

posted August 15, 2013

Well, the polar bear that was headed to the wedding yesterday, hung around on the other side of the harbour all night, closely watched by some. But the bear managed to sneak in un-observed this morning and showed up on the beach right below town. I was at the RCMP office when the call came and had my video camera with me. Sometimes it’s a pain to carry cameras everywhere, but sometimes there is a reward! I did get a nice shot of the bear walking along the beach before they chased it off. The bear was also poking around the boats on the beach and part of one shot looks like he is driving the boat. He looks in good shape and has big feet, half again as big as an RCMP boot!

I am now packed and just about ready to go to Inuvik where I will catch up with Mack. I just phoned my mother, Annie, who still is the major contributor to our Expedition. She is 94 years old today, and still excited to be an Arctic Expedition sponsor! I was able to look out the window and describe what the polar bear was doing as I wished her a Happy Birthday!