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An Evening in Banksland

posted September 23, 2013

An Evening in Banksland. A reminder to all of our Ottawa area friends and colleagues. David’s presentation on the 2013 Arctic Expedition to Banks Island will be on Saturday, September 28th at 7 pm at Trinity Bible Church, 4101 Stagecoach Road, Osgoode, Ontario (south of Ottawa). All are welcome, no admission charge. David will share the highlights of the expedition with photos and some video. Please RSVP to David & Sally at 613-821-2640 or grayhound@xplornet.com

Back to the CAE Blog! (After a great little canoe trip: bright sun, cold swims, whippoorwills, loons, Bald Eagle, and millions of whirligig beetles whirling by the light of the full moon!)

On September 22nd, 1914, George Wilkins, with Crawford and Storkerson, set off around Cape Kellet, and headed north up the west coast of Banks Island using the small motor launch to establish a camp at Terror Island. Today they would have made it as the ice chart shows that the west coast is still clear of ice up to Storkerson Bay.

Terror Island from North Star Harbour, Banks Island, August 2013.

Terror Island from North Star Harbour, Banks Island, August 2013.


“What Storkerson thought to be Terror Island could be seen about ten miles ahead, but the ice had solidified last night, and we were not able to make much headway against it, and it was with some difficulty that we managed to get the boat within a few yards from the beach in order to unload the freight and cache it on a sandspit…. The ice in the lagoon was solid enough for us to walk on, but was partly covered near the edges with water.” George H. Wilkins CAE Diary