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posted July 22, 2013

It was a good day today out at the MARY SACHS site. The mosquitos were terrible , even worse than yesterday. The street of Sachs Harbour is empty because the kids can’t go out and play. Today we measured and made rough maps of each different feature of the site, trying to figure out what each foundation or ground detail means, comparing what we see with the photos from 1915 etc. Also listing and photographing the artifacts in each feature. There are six major and obvious features, one being the house which was the Headquarters, and another where the wheelhouse of the Mary Sachs was used as a home, even as late as the 1930s. And the 2 Desperate Venture guys stayed in one of these too. Then there are the Inuit tent rings or tent platforms as well, plus the two engine blocks (now 3 as we found one buried in the beach sand). I tried to photograph individual artifacts with a close-up lens today and got my hands well-bitten. We found a neat little glass/ceramic/stone bead today, a beautiful, teardrop shape of pale green colour. Not sure how old it is, but my feelings is that it is from the CAE, so 100 years. Kyle and I also moved the 3rd engine block up the sand slope from the eroding beach to a safe place. It was heavy work as it had to be rolled or flipped uphill in sand and it is way too heavy to lift. So now it is safe. We heard from Captain Bob Bernard last night. They are in Point Barrow, Alaska, still a little behind schedule, but all is going well. Point Barrow is where the ice hangs in the longest, so it is great that they made it. I have to check the ice charts now and see what challenges they still face. The people from Sachs saw 3 Orcas earlier this week just off Sachs Harbour and 3 bowheads this weekend in the ice off Cape Kellet. So we hope we will see the whales later as well. There are 5 cute little husky puppies across the road.