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Who We Are

Bob Bernard (great-great nephew of Captain Peter Bernard) and captain/owner of the expedition’s 46-foot motor sailboat, Bernard Explorer, with over 20 years experience sailing in the Bering Sea

Dr. David Gray, expedition leader with 40 years experience doing biological and historical research in the Canadian Arctic; several museum exhibits on Arctic topics, and 6 other documentary films to his credit

Mitzi Dodd (great-great niece of Captain Peter Bernard) genealogist and historian

Inuvialuit guide and bear monitor from Sachs Harbour

Dr Paul Krejci, historian from the University of Alaska specializing in the spread of traditional and introduced music across the Arctic

Alex (Mack) MacDonald has joined our crew! Sailor, first aid trainer, ski patrol, canoeist, electronics, communications, he does it all!

John Lucas Jr. – John is on leave from Parks Canada for a year. He is a warden at Aulavik National Park (North end of Banks Island). He is very keen about local history and a great traveller/hunter. He knows Banks Island well and has been to the Gore Islands (their first stop once sailing) in winter, very keen to see them in summer.
John Lucas Sr. would like to go too! They’ll wait for the boat’s arrival to see if there is room, but it would be great to have him along – a very knowledgeable and experienced man.

Kyle Wolki is part of the ‘ground crew’, as is Mitzi Bernard. Neither will be sailing. Kyle is 20, grew up in Sachs Harbour, has worked for a number of biologists and archaeologists, keen on hunting and history, did some schooling in Inuvik.