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Publications (books)

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Publications (articles)

Gray, D.R. 2013. The CAE’s Human Touch. Canadian Geographic. 133 (1): 23.

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Documentary Film

Arctic Shadows: The Arctic Journeys of Dr. R.M. Anderson. One-hour documentary film. Director: David R. Gray. An International Polar Year Film, 2010.

CAE Websites

Northern People, Northern Knowledge: The Story of the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918. By David R. Gray, 2003. Ottawa: Virtual Museum of Canada, www.virtual museum.ca or www.civilization.ca/hist/cae

Expedition Arctic 1913-1918 at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Guest Curator David Gray. See short videos on the exhibition and David introducing some featured artifacts from the exhibition at Expedition Arctic 1913-1918 on the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s website:


Also visit David’s CAE Blog on the same website: